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mmm if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a brand new front page for our site. Check out the cute sleepy doggie! and be sure to tell your friends to check it out too

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Something New

mmm if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a brand new front page for our site. Check out the cute sleepy doggie! and be sure to tell your friends to check it out too

Does everyone dream?


Everyone in your dreams is just yourself

They say everyone in your dreams is just another aspect of yourself. When your best friend betrays you in your dream it’s just your insecurities shining through. If you find yourself fighting a stranger, really you are just fighting yourself.

What about the more positive dreams? What about the dreams where you fall in love, Are you falling in love with yourself?

And then those more “out there” dreams – dreams with monsters and mythical creatures. I think at some point along the spectrum the characters in your dreams stop being an aspect of yourself and rather are true characterizations. After-all we are able to perceive other people and their inner-workings when we are awake why not when we are asleep?

Two and a half weeks of dreams

Hey dreamers!  We’ve been live for two and a half weeks now.. 187 dreams have been contributed to the Dreamstream, cool.

Also, we put out a slight update today – try to spot the differences!

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreaming

#9 recording and sharing your dreams with your friends will enhance the quality of your dreams

Quality Dreaming

Are you ever able to maintain a long and coherent narrative throughout a dream? For me it always seems the characters suddenly change and my focus shifts from one area to another. One moment I am trying to escape from the police and next I am on a battlefield.

Share your experiences and advice

v1.3 is rockin

DreamPaw’s Developers aka Dreamers are happy to announce the latest release.. v1.3

With customizable email reminder settings and the ability to comment on dreams, we feel like we’ve made yet another step in the right direction. Thanks for all our feedback, we hope we like what we have done as a result. Please tell your friend’s about us, we truly appreciate it.

How to dream?

Everyone can remember their dreams; it just takes a little practice. The first step is being aware of your dreams, think about them, write them down, and share them with your friends.

Reading other people’s dreams can also help your mind become more dream focused. The best time to recall your dreams is as soon as you wake up.

Oh and eating bananas before you sleep helps too.. has the right vitamins

Something is coming

Dreamers! DreamPaw is up to its usual shenanigans and is almost ready to launch another update.. v1.2 we guarantee you will like even more and is a step in what we now know is the right direction. Propose more improvements and you will be heard!

Dream on brothers and sisters, dream on.

Kid Cudi’s Nightterrors

share your own favorite dream themed music videos!